Why is paypal paying you automatically

The way the paypal subscription service works. 


        We bill you for a service, and you select to pay with a subscription, paypal creates a reaccuring payment in your account to automatically send us a payment each billing cycle.  This payment will continue to be payed until you cancel it.  We as a provider have no control over it.  If we do not bill you, paypal will still send us payments.  If you cancel services with us, and you signed up for a subscription, you still need to cancel the subscription, or paypal will still continue to send us the payments.


        The subscription service is great if you like to ensure your payments are made each and every billing cycle, and you don't want to worry about it.  It does have its downfalls though, which I have mentioned.


        We can not cancel the subscription, nor can we fix it.   We will of course refund the payment if this happens, but please make sure if you have a subscription, and you cancel your service, you cancel the subscription in paypal.

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