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Web Hosting Affiliate Program, Affiliate Web Hosting Incentives

Web Hosting Affiliates

Web Hosting Affiliate Program

  • Sign up for our web hosting affiliate program
  • Choose a banner/text link and get the HTML code
  • Place the code on your web site and start earning money
  • Track your sales and balance in real time

Web Hosting Affiliate

  • $10.00 Sign up bonus!

  • Up to 25% Recurring Commission!

How does the hosting affiliate program work?

Web Hosting Affiliate ProgramOnce you sign up for our web hosting affiliate program, you get immediate access to multiple banners and text ads to place in your web sites or anywhere else you want to place them in the form of a banner, link or text ad.

When someone clicks on the banner they are sent to If they order a hosting plan you will get credit for it. Unlike other similar plans, we do not stop your commission after the first payment. Our affiliate plan is paid on a recurring monthly basis. As long as the person that signed up with your affiliate link is an active customer, you will continue to get paid.

Your initial affiliate level is determined by your active account. If you are not a customer, you can still register and become an affiliate, however, your commission percentage will not be as high as a customer.

Affiliate Marketing

Our affiliate marketing program also works with other affiliates. If you have someone sign up to be an affiliate, you will also get credit for their sales as well. It is important to us and we want it to worth it for you, so we created a program that will actually keep giving. Simply, the more business you send our way, the more you will get paid.

Affiliate levels

  • 8% -> Basic level
  • 10% -> All customers
  • Increase commissions each $250 earned
  • 20% Basic business plans
  • 25% Professional business plans

Affiliate Referrals

  • 50% for 1 level below you
  • 20% for 2 levels below you
  • 5% for 3 levels below you
  • Percentage is based on their commission amount

Affiliate Web Hosting

Become and Affiliate Today and Start Making Money!

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