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fix for Win7 using Office 2007…..not sure it it’s gonna be the same for versions 2010 and 2013

Below are steps Rich (Wicked) shared with me in order to get Mail server settings to get outlook working for your hosting account emails.

OK!….got it working again finally…. Here’s how I fixed it:

1. Go to Account settings

2. select the email address you want to fix

3. click change

4. click More Settings

5, click on the Advance tab (pic1 is what I have used for years)
















6. click on the encryted connection drop-down (pic2)

















7. change from “none” to “Auto” (pic3)

















8. click ok to close that window

9. click “Test Account Settings” to send a test email. When I did this it put up pic4.










I just hit continue using the server. If you hit “view certificate” then (pic5) comes up saying that the certificate can’t be verified.




















I then closed down Outlook and reopened.
Hit send/recieve and all was ok. It might bring up that cert ppop-up again but just hit continue to use the server.
Oh!!….you have to make thses change to each email account that is connected in outlook that is using the dfg server. I have 3 at the moment.

Hope this helps for future issues if someone has it.

Thank you Glenn…I’ll let ya know if something else changes.


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