Major Bash vulnerability disclosed

A major Bash vulnerability in the Bash shell has been disclosed today.

This vulnerability may impact many WordPress themes and plugins and other publishing platforms, web applications and web server platforms. Any shell execution or shell function that is performed by a web application, including the storage of request data in environment variables, may present an attack vector that allows t…

WordPress Security – Global Brute Force Flood Attack

There is an on-going global attack on WordPress sites. This is a highly distributed attack which is affecting virtually every known web host and WordPress site. We have seen over 10,000 IP addresses involved in this attack.

At this time we recommend you login to your WordPress site and change the password. We highly suggest that you use a very strong password including uppercase characters,…

WordPress Security – Increase your WordPress Security with Wordfence

WordPress Security

Wordpress is a powerful system for running your website or blog. We all know the importance of website security. With all of the attacks on sites using WordPress it is very important to add additional WordPress security for your site.

We have had a lot of customers ask us if there is anything they can do to help with security. We use and trust Wordfence on all of or own sites using WordPress…

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