Mail server settings


fix for Win7 using Office 2007…..not sure it it’s gonna be the same for versions 2010 and 2013

Below are steps Rich (Wicked) shared with me in order to get Mail server settings to get outlook working for your hosting account emails.

OK!….got it working again finally…. Here’s how I fixed it:

1. Go to Account settings

2. select the email address you want to fix


Major Bash vulnerability disclosed

A major Bash vulnerability in the Bash shell has been disclosed today.

This vulnerability may impact many WordPress themes and plugins and other publishing platforms, web applications and web server platforms. Any shell execution or shell function that is performed by a web application, including the storage of request data in environment variables, may present an attack vector that allows t…

VPS Server Updates

Yesterday we finished rebuilding one of our VPS server and optimizing the other updating all of the software. we’ve added some new operating systems included is the latest version of Ubuntu.
We currently run only high end servers with OpenVZ. Our control panel (SolusVM), as well as the control features built right into our billing system, gives you FULL control over your VPS. Want to run A IRC…

Web Hosting Holiday Giveaway 2012

Holiday Giveaway

DFG Hosting is giving away a hosting account for 1 year Free! Check it out!
Web Hosting Holiday Giveaway 2012! We went huge with our last giveaway, so it’s only fitting to go even bigger on this one, right?

This time around we’re giving away one of our Little Builder Hosting plans for Free. The free hosting account will be for 1 year free hosting. It doesn’t sound like much, but we w…

Web Hosting Affiliate Program, Affiliate Web Hosting Incentives

Web Hosting Affiliates

Web Hosting Affiliate Program

How does the hosting affiliate program work?
Once you sign up for our web hosting affiliate program, you get immediate access to multiple banners and text ads to place in your web sites or anywhere else you want to place them in the form of a banner, link or text ad.

When someone clicks on the banner they are sent to If they order a…

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